Therapy Services

What is Therapy?


Therapy is an approach designed to focus on improving the individual’s mental health and functioning through teaching and practicing coping skills.  Therapy work happens during the scheduled appointments as well as outside the session, with ‘homework’ assignments geared toward skill mastery in multiple settings.

Therapy can also be delivered in a group format or with families/caregivers.  Group therapy is therapy delivered in a group format with a goal of skill acquisition by processing one’s own experience in a group of others with similar experiences.  Family therapy is designed to work with caregivers and children to improve interpersonal relationships, learn to respect one another’s boundaries, and help with everyone’s mental health and functioning.  Therapy services are always provided by a trained and licensed professional in a confidential manner.  Evidence based practices are always preferred and utilized when possible.


What are Evidence Based Practices?

Put simply, Evidence Based Practices (EBP’s) are specific interventions that have been studied in both research settings and real world settings that have been proven to be the best treatment options.  They are generally intended to address specific problems or symptoms and produce positive outcomes.  For more information about evidence based practices in the state of Michigan, click here.