Northpointe Board of Directors

Northpointe strives to improve the well-being of individuals and families through the delivery of excellent person-centered health services

Northpointe will be recognized as a leader for delivery of high-quality integrated medical and behavioral health services for people with mental illness, intellectual/developmental disability, and/or co-occurring services regardless of ability to pay. Priority shall be given to the severely mentally ill.

The Board:

  1. sets the direction/policies of the organization;
  2. creates and maintains the core values and mission of the organization;
  3. ensures compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
  4. recruits members that are representative of the specific cultures the organization serves, including representation of the populations being served;
  5. advocates for needed resources to carry out the mission of the organization.

General Information:

Board Roster 8-10-18

Board By-Laws 2018

Board Policies 2018

Meeting Time Adjustment Notification

Board Meeting Schedule 2018

Meeting Agendas/Meeting Minutes:

9-27-18 Board Agenda

9-27-18 Special Board Meeting Agenda

9-13-18 Board Agenda

8-23-18 Board Minutes

8-23-18 Board Agenda

8-9-18 Board Minutes

8-9-18 Board Agenda

7-26-18 Board Minutes

7-26-18 Board Agenda

7-12-18 Board Minutes

7-12-18 Board Agenda

7-12-18 Special Board Minutes

7-12-18 Special Board Agenda

7-12-18 Notice – Special Board Meeting

6-28-18 Board Minutes

6-28-18 Board Agenda

6-14-18 Board Minutes

6-14-18 Board Agenda

5-24-18 Board Minutes

5-24-18 Board Agenda

5-10-18 Special Board Meeting Minutes

5-10-18 Board Agenda

5-10-18 Notice – Special Meeting in lieu of regular Board Meeting

4-26-18 Board Minutes

4-26-18 Board Agenda

4-12-18 Board Minutes

4-12-18 Board Agenda

3-22-18 Board Minutes

3-22-18 Board Agenda

3-8-18 Board Minutes

3-8-18 Board Agenda

2-22-18 Board Minutes

2-22-18 Board Agenda

2-8-18 Board Minutes

2-8-18 Agenda

1-25-18 Board Minutes