What is Self-Determination?

Self-Determination is a way to make meaningful decisions about the way you live your life. Self-Determination lets you choose who provides the services and supports identified in your person-centered plan.

Self-Determination is not a program, but a different path for delivering Medicaid services. The Self-Determination lifestyle gives consumers and guardians more control over the use of the Medicaid dollars that are set aside for consumer care. With Self-Determination the consumer/guardian is able to look at the services they are already receiving or services that they may need and decide if there is a different or more creative way, of meeting the consumer’s needs.

New Providers:

Self-Directed Providers will need to complete all the items on the Self-Determination Provider Checklist (Items to return to Northpointe for Provider Approval).  For new Provider’s the check list, Criminal Background Check, application and initial training materials will be provided to you by Michelle Rexses, Northpointe’s Self-Determination Coordinator.

The following trainings are due annually:

Annual Recipient Rights Review

Training of the Individual’s IPOS Goals/Objectives

(CPR and First Aid certificates are good for 2 years)


Documents: All documents should be completed and turned in to Michelle Rexses Self-Determination Coordinator at Northpointe.  Fax: 906-779-1306, mail: 715 Pyle Drive Kingsford MI 49802, or E-mail:


Annual-Recipient Rights Form

Blood Borne Pathways Training

Orientation Recipient Rights

Provider Information


If you have any questions, please contact:


Michelle Rexses

Self-Determination Coordinator