Accessing Services

For a Confidential Screening Call 1-888-906-9060

How can I access Northpointe services?

Community mental health services in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are overseen regionally by a single point of entry through NorthCare Network by contacting Access to request services at 1-888-906-9060.

Requesting Services Flowchart

For information on what to expect during an access screening call, what happens once services are requested, and the criteria for specialty mental health services please visit the NorthCare Network website.

Link to NorthCare Network

For those who do not have Medicaid, you may be referred to Northpointe’s Priority List.

Northpointe’s Priority List Policy

Priority List Flowchart

What services are available at Northpointe?

Northpointe services begin once an initial intake assessment is completed that determines medical necessity for specialty mental health services.  A person centered planning process balances the strengths, needs, desires, and goals of the individual/family to develop an individualized plan of service.  Self determination wishes can also be incorporated into the treatment planning process.

Those who have Medicaid shall have access to the services identified in the Medicaid Provider Manual when service(s) are determined to be necessary.

Adult Services

Child Services

Family Services

Is there anything I can review to prepare for my appointment?

NorthCare Customer Service Handbook (Audio version)

Your Rights When Receiving Mental Health Services in Michigan

Person-Centered Planning

Advance Directives

Independent Facilitation

How can I apply for Medicaid?

Online at MI Bridges

Download an Application