Mission, Vision, Values

MISSION:  Improve the lives of those we serve through hope & empowerment.


  • A belief in potential
  • A Right to dream
  • An opportunity to achieve

VALUES: We will improve the lives of people challenged with severe emotional, behavioral, co-occurring, &/or intellectual/developmental disability through person-centered planning in a trauma-informed environment with the following core values:

~Individual Choice & Self-Determination                                                        ~Accountability& Responsiveness

~Empowerment                                                                                                     ~Teamwork & Collaboration

~Individual Rights                                                                                                 ~Professionalism

~Health & Wellness                                                                                                ~Consistency

~Integrity, Trust,& Respect                                                                                   ~Community Inclusion

~Open Communication& Active listening                                                         ~Anti-Stigma


As an important member of the community, we are committed to working with primary healthcare providers, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, the justice system, advocates, and local human service providers.

To obtain a confidential screening for services call 888-906-9060.