Home Based Team & Infant Mental Health Services

What is the Home Based Team?

The Home Based Team is a team of Master’s and Bachelor’s level social workers who specialize in providing intensive services to children and families in their home and in the community.  They also work with parents who are expecting a child and/or have an infant or toddler.

What does the Home Based Team do?

Services are delivered that support families in meeting their child’s developmental needs through case management, education, and therapy.  There is also an emphasis on building and sustaining natural and community supports to decrease the likelihood of a child being placed outside the home.  The team also helps to reunite families who have been separated.

What are Infant Mental Health Services?

Infant Mental Health Services are provided through the Home Based Team to focus on parent-infant attachment and the consequent social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive development of the child.  Education is provided on what is developmentally appropriate at each stage of growth and staff can assist with community referrals.  Therapy services are available to assist in supporting expecting parents, caregivers, or parents with toddlers.