Health Services

Why is a behavioral health provider concerned with my health?

Untreated health conditions or health concerns that require ongoing monitoring can greatly impact one’s mental health and stability.  If a person is not feeling well physically, it can be more difficult to meet basic needs.  Mental health can decline and impact overall ability to function.  If we take care of physical health, it can be easier to take care of mental health, and vice versa.


What health services can help?

Registered Nurses provide personalized education and recommendations regarding health monitoring, nutrition, and medications.  They may ask about recent medication changes, completed lab work, and assess for medication side effects.  Education on ‘side effects to look out for’ is always provided with new medications.  Nurses also facilitate educational groups about health and wellness, smoking cessation, and exercise.  If you are unsure about a medical concern or side effect, contacting a registered nurse is always a good idea.


How do I know if I need psychiatric services?

Medications can be considered when mental health symptoms are not alleviated or controlled by lessor restrictive supportive options such as care management or therapy.  Research supports that severe mental illness requiring medication indicates a need for ongoing monitoring by a professional.  A psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner may be needed to determine the appropriate medications in these instances.