Job: Contract Manager – Full-time

Title Contract Manager – Full-time
Location Kingsford, Iron River or Menominee
Job Information

Responsible for developing and maintaining contracts; prepares Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and compiles data related to the RFP; leads contract procurement through the competitive bid process; prepares contracts according to Northpointe’s Policies and Procedures; assists in training Northpointe supervisors in contract management and liability; advises departments of contractual rights and obligations; maintains contract and contractor status databases; establishes and maintains contact with contractors to ensure the smooth working of the contract awarding process; contract monitoring including site reviews of all external and internal sites to maintain contract and licensing requirements (e.g., ensures contract compliance in areas such as rights aggregate review of incident reports, etc.); acts as a liaison between Northpointe and contractors/vendors; conducts provider site reviews with the Site Review Team; attends all required Provider Network seminars and trainings including participation on regional meetings, etc.

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; 2 to 5 years behavioral healthcare experience with the delivery of care and valid driver’s license

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